Mantra's mantra

So what is our Mantra?

To start, “We’re passionate about people and we happen to make damn good coffee too”. How we live out our Mantra is through our 51% policy, in which we give away 51% of our profits to local and global community development, mainly in the areas of education and scholarships. To clarify, Mantra is not a nonprofit; rather, we are making an intentional profit in order to financially fund other peoples’ dreams. 

The word Mantra is a philosophy or short prayer that is repeated over and over again, an accurate reflection of our morning coffee traditions. Mantra Coffee Company finds its origins at a leadership conference when a key question was asked: “How would you use your strengths in a new way if you were to wipe the slate clean and money wasn’t an issue?” Through thoughtful consideration, dreaming, and romanticizing over the idea of a coffee shop, the vision for Mantra Coffee Company came to life. Only this coffee shop would be different, it would make an impact. This leads to the planting of Mantra in the city of Azusa, a small city tucked inside sunny southern California. Because many of us launching Mantra have lived in Azusa for years, we are well acquainted with the needs and potential for the city. Through organizations like Homework House, Mantra has heard the needs of our youth and is determined to help. It does not matter if we give away twenty-five cents or one million dollars; we want to give to others.

Now, we all have our coffee preferences, but Mantra prefers and ensures a damn good cup of coffee. Looking at the physical coffee, we supply the three main elements with high quality standards: great water, great milk, and great coffee roast. Beyond the ingredients, damn good coffee requires a fourth element, the experience surrounding the cup of coffee. Picture this, we are camping under the vast array of stars and making coffee in the most elementary way, with just boiled water and coffee, also referred to as cowboy style. Regardless, beauty surrounds us and we fill the silence with stories and unforgettable memories. A damn good cup of coffee is surrounded by people and heightened with experience. We have discovered that the saddest thing about coffee is when it is only ever consumed alone. Mantra adds a new element to our daily coffee rituals…. people and experience.

That being said, the entirety of Mantra’s shop is designed to cultivate an environment that is truly experienced. Our coffee house is meant to feel like a welcoming home,  a safe, comfortable refuge. From the vibrant patterns on our tile floor, to the art hanging on the wall,  the wood surfaces, our stained glass windows, the modern countertops, the infectious smiles of our baristas, we have created an intriguing environment that spurs creativity and self-discovery. No matter where you sit in our home, you participate in a completely new experience, from a new vantage point. Every aspect of Mantra was methodically placed to enhance the experience of coffee and we are excided to have you join us.

Mantra is focused on people, determined to give away more money than we make. Be a part of our story, call this place home, and partake in a greater mission. Now that’s a damn good cup of coffee.