Carly Wouters

Carly is a local art teacher who runs "Coffee & Paint" at Mantra. Every third Saturday morning of the month, she teaches an art class for children around our farm table. Her warm smile and passion for creative education brightens up our coffee house!

Carly is inspired by her grandmothers. One grew up in Belgium and never had the opportunity to pursue her dream of being an artist, due to the war and the fact that she was female. She inspires Carly to embrace every opportunity to learn and grow. Her other grandmother made her dreams possible by funding her private education at Otis College of Art and Design. Carly's dream is to eventually own an art studio, where she can create and sell her artwork. She hopes to partner with other artist by selling their work in her space. Additionally, she wants to teach out of her studio. Carly has a heart for special needs children because of their free spirits and accepting nature. Even though Carly is a teacher, she still learns a thing or two from her students everyday.

Carly's personal Mantra is that life is all about making mistakes. We all learn from our imperfections. Fear of making mistakes should never hold us back because it always gets better. There is always hope.  


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